So Many Wizards‘ “Nico,” the third track off their forthcoming 2nd EP, Love Songs for When You Leave Me, (produced by The Morning Benders Chris Chu) feels like swimming through a pool of hot Jello. Slow, heavy, fuzzy—dense, sticky and hazy sweet. While the new EP doesn’t drop until March, you can (if you’re in L.A.) catch their upcoming live dates at The Smell, Echo Curio, Silverlake Lounge, etc.

MP3: So Many Wizards :: Nico

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3 Responses to “So Many Wizards :: Nico (Love Songs For When You Leave Me)”

  1. Nima/Palin in 2012.

    And Nico is a very, very good dog. Who chews of fucking everything.

    Ma-Ni, Ma-Ni, Ma-Ni!

  2. Love, love this song. love love

  3. […] is a free download of new song Nico availble from Aquarium Drunkard, and if you look on their own website you will find the most amazing EP design I think we’ve […]

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