Wonderland :: 1977 Dutch L.A. Documentary, Chapter1

Speaking of L.A. Burnout, the above video is part one of a1977 Dutch produced documentary covering the, then, up and coming Los Angeles music scene featuring Warren Zevon, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne.

Links: Warren Zevon at Griffith Observatory, Linda Ronstadt in studio “Tracks Of My Tears” alternative studio version, Linda Ronstadt outside her Malibu house, Warren Zevon at a burrito stand, Warren Zevon in concert “Carmelita”, Bonnie Raitt at Frederick’s, Bonnie Raitt in concert “Nothing Seems To Matter”, Linda Ronstadt in the bedroom of her Malibu house, Linda Ronstadt in studio “Lose Again” alternative studio version, Warren Zevon at Griffith Observatory, Warren Zevon in rehearsal “Frank And Jesse James”, Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie Raitt in concert “Give It Up Or Let Me Go”, Jackson Browne, Jackson Browne in concert “Before The Deluge”.

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4 thoughts on “Wonderland :: 1977 Dutch L.A. Documentary, Chapter1

  1. What a find. I clicked through all the videos this morning. I’m seeing Jackson Browne for the first time next week and I couldn’t be more excited. The guy is far too under apprecaited as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Some dude on CL was trying to rent an apartment in EP and was using “the place where Jackson Browne lived” as it’s selling point. Awesome find!

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