Las Mosquitas :: A Sixties Girl Group, Argentinian Style

Las Mosquitas: four girls from Buenos Aires, a guitar, bass, keys and some percussion. And of course, attitude. That is the gist of what has been spinning around the homestead the past few days since Scottie Diablo hipped me to the following post at Bubblegum Soup.

Vamping on both covers and originals, Las Mosquitas is something like a French Yé-yé experiment crossed with rogue American radio airwaves circa 1965. Pop perfect. Like so many short-lived groups that sprung up during the era, these lasses jump on a specific sound and don’t let go.

MP3: Las Mosquitas :: Tu Seras Mi Baby
MP3: Las Mosquitas :: En Esta Noche
MP3: Las Mosquitas :: Cuatro Mosquitas

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