First off, if you copped one of the Dylan biographies from us last month, please refrain from entering into this one. This week Aquarium Drunkard is giving away a copy of the new, 3 LP, 180-gram vinyl set of George Harrison’s 1970 opus, All Things Must Pass. This is the mother lode for Harrison fans. Details: All Things Must Pass 40th Anniversary 3-LP Vinyl Collection. Out November 26th.

Leave your name, a valid email address in the comment form, and your favorite track on the LP. Open until Friday, 5pm.

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299 Responses to “George Harrison :: All Things Must Pass (3 LP Set)”

  1. Gotta be wah-wah, just a shot of pure musical adrenaline

  2. If Not for You…odd that it’s a cover but there it is. Also what is it about a triple LP that is so uniquely exciting?

  3. Thanks for the Pepperoni

  4. Isn’t it a Pity… somewhat ironic since I think it was the B-Side to the song that brought him a heap of legal trouble.

  5. Definitely Wah-Wah.

  6. If Not for you.


  7. Run of the Mill! Those horns get me every time.

  8. Behind That Locked Door

  9. What Is Life. Fantastic

  10. It’s gotta be Wah Wah peeps.

  11. Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah (x10)

  12. If I had to choose it’d be “What is Life” but love the whole album.

  13. let it down.

  14. Wah Wah

  15. My Sweet Lord.

  16. it’s really hard but either beware of darkness or isnt it a pity

  17. isaac Soloway wah-wah

  18. isn’t it pity would have to be my favorite.

  19. Thanks for the pepperoni

  20. title track! All Things Must Pass.

  21. gimme life!

  22. The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll). So encapsulates everythign that made Harrison Harrison. Simple, elegant, crisp.

    Brad Kelley

  23. Isn’t It a Pity

  24. “Isn’t It a Pity.” Which it will be if I don’t win.


  25. Run of the mill.
    Everybody has choice,when to or not to raise their voice!

  26. Isn’t It A Pity!

  27. Wah-Wah.

  28. apple scruffs

  29. “Hear Me Lord” Can you?

  30. Please unlock that 3-LP anniversary reissue from Behind That Locked Door and send it my way!

  31. Too tough – All Things Must Pass

  32. “All Things Must Pass” — it’s been really speaking to me lately with where I am in my life.

  33. Isn’t it a pity. Thanks

  34. LET IT DOWN. (Hands down- so heavy!)

  35. Hands down–“Behind That Locked Door”

  36. Apple Scruffs

  37. Isn’t a pity.

  38. Wah Wah.

  39. “I’d Have You Anytime”!!

  40. “Awaiting on you all” by far my favourite track.

  41. I think Wah Wah has to be my favorite, i love the whole album, but every time i hear that opening riff of wah wah i get excited and turn it up loud

  42. My Sweet Lord

  43. Wah-Wah. I heard that the phaser unit that they used on that song was manual at the time so Phil Spector was yelling “MORE PHASER, PHASE EVERYTHING!!!” and the poor guy who was doing it had to keep turning the knob back and forth. Also i think Billy Preston Plays keyboards on it. Eric Clapton on guitar. Great example of the wall of sound. I saw clapton play Isn’t It A Pity At Crossroads in 2008 when i was 15 and it really was powerful live. However I have to Pick Wah Wah as my favorite song on the album.


  45. “All Things Must Pass” is my all time favorite!

  46. it a pity is my favourite

  47. favorite song on album is “if not for you”george harrison all things must pass 2010 lp giveaway

  48. “Out of the Blue”. Great Jam.

  49. rough choice, id take , all things … and let it down

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