George Harrison :: All Things Must Pass (3 LP Set)

First off, if you copped one of the Dylan biographies from us last month, please refrain from entering into this one. This week Aquarium Drunkard is giving away a copy of the new, 3 LP, 180-gram vinyl set of George Harrison’s 1970 opus, All Things Must Pass. This is the mother lode for Harrison fans. Details: All Things Must Pass 40th Anniversary 3-LP Vinyl Collection. Out November 26th.

Leave your name, a valid email address in the comment form, and your favorite track on the LP. Open until Friday, 5pm.

299 thoughts on “George Harrison :: All Things Must Pass (3 LP Set)

  1. It’s a tough call, but my favorite track is “If Not For You”. Though not written by Harrison, it reminds me of his Help! / Rubber Soul love songs. Short, sweet and to the point.

  2. My favorite track would have to be the EPIC “My Sweet Lord”. “Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)” is a close second though.

  3. I have this on the original vinyl with the Apple logo. I love the songs “Isn’t It a Pity” and “Beware of Darkness”. The whole album is great

  4. I’m going to have to go with the title track. As the years go by, every event that leads to a nostalgic/mournful/wistful feeling aso demands a few spins of “All Things.” I’ve always thought that “All Things Must Pass,” along with “After the Gold Rush,” “God,” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” are the great eulogies of the 1960s.

  5. Tough to pick one, but “Wah-Wah” has a special place in my heart. Thanks for making me think of it.

  6. hmm i like the looseness of Out of the Blue and I Remember jeep. and the tightness of All Things Must Pass the title track.

  7. wah-Wah…I once made a playlist on my iPod that was all ex-Beatles tracks about being a Beatle “God” “How do You Sleep” “Too Many People” “If You Were Here Today” “When We Was Fab” but Wah-Wah by Harrison is genius

  8. “What is Life” is my favorite. It is just full of that barely-contained-energy of a full heart, from the guitar opening, to the explosive horns, and that sing along (at the top of your lungs) chorus.

  9. Ballad of Sir Frankie, always. But oh, what I wouldn’t do for all the other songs as well

  10. What is Life. (no doubt)

    Top 3 albums of all time
    1. Van Morrison: Astral Weeks
    2. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
    3. George Harrison: All Things Must Pass

  11. currently… #1 What Is Life and 2nd up, even though you didn’t ask for second favorite… Thanks for the Pepperoni

  12. “Beware of Darkness” is not only the best song on the record, it’s the best song recorded by a member of the Beatles, post-Beatles. Yes. Okay, “Gimme Some Truth” is as good (but not better).

  13. My Sweet Lord. But mostly I need a copy because I lost the poster that came with my original one. this one does have the big poster pull out , correct?

  14. “What Is Life” is, hands down, the reason that I first investigated this album. There are so many great tunes on those three LPs that it’s little surprise to see how varied the answers are here.

  15. Pick me…its easy to hear the formation of Derek and the Dominos on many of these tracks (Wah Wah).

    Bobby Whitlock is great, but Carl Radle is the man. Jim Gordon…a little scarey.


  16. Me being as anti-pop radio as I am, I never gave the Beatles much of chance. Then I discovered this album in my dad’s record collection it made me reconsider my views. Now I’m as big a fan as everyone else and I can thank Mr. Harrison for that. My favorite track is “Wah-Wah.”

  17. About half a dozen I go back and forth between. Today it’s “Behind That Locked Door” because of the My Morning Jacket cover version.

  18. Title Track, “All Things Must Pass.” There are so many great lines in that song, and the music is phenomenal. My favorite version, though, is the solo rendition on The Beatles’ “Anthology 3”

  19. My favourite George Harrison song is “Beware of Darkness,” which has a real Badfinger sound to it.

  20. Hands down my favorite song on the album is What is Life. All Things Must Pass is a close second. George Harrison really exploded with this chestnut album soon after the Beatles broke up. Would we have had many of these songs as Beatle versions if the breakup didn’t happen? I know that several ATMP songs were rehearsed with the Beatles but events led to this release of material that we are still talking about some 40 years later.

  21. Gotta go with the title track on this one. Just a gorgeous song. Might be the best song about death I’ve heard.

  22. The title track, All Things Must Pass. Brilliant song and mantra. Thanks George, sorry the lads kept you down for so long…

  23. I would have to pick the title track “All Things Must Pass”. It could have been a great closing song on Get Back.

  24. I’m partial to Apple Scruffs only because it sums up George Harrison to me – able to write a catchy yet meaningful song about something as simple as kids hanging around Apple Corp.

    Joel Schneider

  25. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) – just so ethereal, it makes me cry and give me chills at the same time

  26. “All Things Must Pass” has always had a very strong emotional tug on my spirit. Very motivational song…makes me feel like there’s a reason to move on in spite of tough times. I also think it would be great to hear this on a quality vinyl pressing. Thanks for the chance!

  27. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

    Really loved Jim James’ GH tribute last year. What an EP…

  28. not sure if it’s my favorite but it is the most poignant to me: “my sweet lord” reminds me of my friend nathaniel…. he took his life by stepping into the path of one of those “Gauranteed Ontime Delivery” semi’s that have GOD printed on the side (on the ides of march no less!!) He had a cassette copy of All things must pass in his walkman. He was a heavy dude and is sorely missed.

  29. Gotta be Isn’t It a Pity, the music is great but the lyrics make the song. Wah Wah is close beyond just for the guitar play.

  30. if not for you and all things must pass.

    also, I’ve been replying to these kinds of posts (and many others) for years. give a guy a break.

    PPS, tell Futurebirds to get their ass to Tallahassee — and book it at a more reputable venue, so they don’t have to cancel another show here.

  31. Close between “I Dig Love” and “Behind That Locked Door.” And I hate the song Wah Wah, so I would ask for it to be scratched out of any vinyl copy I may or may not win.

  32. “If Not For You” …Though a Dylan song, it’s one of the few covers I prefer over the original… How I wish they had collaborated more

  33. “What is Life” for sure, for sure. I spent days in my room listening to this album. Days…….what happened to my copy????? How is it I’ve managed to hold onto John Cale’s “Sabotage” for years and years and lost this one?

  34. When I was 14 and learning to play guitar in the early 70’s, my guitar teacher taught me to play My Sweet Lord. But I always been mesmorized by Apple Scruffs; simple, melodic, and some awesome guitar strumming.

  35. Isn’t It A Pity, version Two
    The chord change simply falls beneath your fingers on the piano and lets the guitar float sublimely on top.
    If nothing else, the ultimate reality check of life as we may or may not know it on this planet.
    Thank you George, for your passion and clear innocent perception.

  36. Run of the Mill, what an album. The demo version is actually even better too. When I first heard All THings Must Pass I was moved and became actually giddy near the end of it. I had no idea George was capable of such a powerful effort. I’d say its my favorite beatles solo album at this point. Apple scruffs is a close second.

  37. Hear me Lord,
    that gets me everytime. screaming guitar, beautiful feeling.

    Love the aquarium drunkard, Been turned onto so many great artists.


  38. My Sweet Lord is always a classic but Im gonna have to go with the very first track “I’d Have you Anytime” The guitar is too soothing.

  39. They’re all good when played loud enough. Behind That Locked Door and Wah Wah, especially. But if I had to pick just one it would be My Sweet Lord.

  40. i’ve listened to “My Sweet Lord” countless times, and it still gives me chills. not just my favorite George song, but my favorite song in the Beatles family tree

  41. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp. I honestly thought I would be in the minority. Couldn’t be more wrong.

  42. “What Is Life” is a stanout, but there are many others too. This record has aged very well.

  43. I’d have to say Isn’t It A Pity is my favorite track on the album, but Beware of Darkness gets me every time I hear it.

  44. If you’re talking about the original album, “Behind That Locked Door” is my choice. But I really love 2 cuts off of the ’01 remaster: “I Live For You” (sweet steel part) and the solo “Let It Down”. Amazing stuff.

  45. so many great songs on this album, i always really liked the jamming tracks, too, a really stellar group of musicians. fav track i’m gonna go with “i live for you”.

  46. First heard “Isn’t it Pity” through Galaxie 500, which lead me to discover this lovely album. It’s still my favorite.

  47. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp(Let It Roll) always comes to mind. The drums are incredible sounding on that one. The version of All Things Must Pass on Anthology 3 is far superior to the Spector version. They were all doing such great stuff. Love the steel on Behind That Locked Door as well.

  48. I feel like I should say ‘Thanks For The Pepperoni’ just to set me apart and possibly get noticed for the contest, but in reality my favorite is ‘Behind The Locked Door’ (and if you haven’t heard the Jim James version, so yourself a favor and give it a listen…)

  49. Tough one–it’s a fantastic record. I love the balance of joy and wistfulness captured in “Apple Scruffs”; its captures George’s personality the best.

  50. The acoustic version of “Let It Down” is simply incredible. I have so many beautiful memories of listening to that song.

  51. The title track, man… what a mystical tune, All Things Must Pass. You know what I mean… nothing better than laying down to go to bed with George Harrison putting you to sleep; enchanting, and you’re guaranteed to have good dreams, no nightmares, no way.

  52. Beware of Darkness is my favorite. But what’s with the garden gnomes on the cover? George looks a little bit like one too on that LP.

  53. If Not for You…odd that it’s a cover but there it is. Also what is it about a triple LP that is so uniquely exciting?

  54. Isn’t it a Pity… somewhat ironic since I think it was the B-Side to the song that brought him a heap of legal trouble.

  55. The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll). So encapsulates everythign that made Harrison Harrison. Simple, elegant, crisp.

    Brad Kelley

  56. “All Things Must Pass” — it’s been really speaking to me lately with where I am in my life.

  57. I think Wah Wah has to be my favorite, i love the whole album, but every time i hear that opening riff of wah wah i get excited and turn it up loud

  58. Wah-Wah. I heard that the phaser unit that they used on that song was manual at the time so Phil Spector was yelling “MORE PHASER, PHASE EVERYTHING!!!” and the poor guy who was doing it had to keep turning the knob back and forth. Also i think Billy Preston Plays keyboards on it. Eric Clapton on guitar. Great example of the wall of sound. I saw clapton play Isn’t It A Pity At Crossroads in 2008 when i was 15 and it really was powerful live. However I have to Pick Wah Wah as my favorite song on the album.

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