Today saw the first taste of new Fleet Foxes since 2008. The track “Helplessness Blues” was released this morning as an mp3 via the group’s label, Sub Pop. Look for an LP of the same out May 3rd with a supporting tour down the coast with a gig at the Hollywood Palladium May 7th.

MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Helplessness Blues

10 Responses to “Fleet Foxes :: Helplessness Blues”

  1. …and it was awesome.

  2. YYYAAAAAWWWWNNNNNN…no different than their last. same sound. no risk.

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  4. i love how different this sounds, with less focus on the instrumental melodies and more on the lyrics. also the mid song break? this is a pretty huge change of pace for them, and a strange one at that.

  5. simon and garfunkel anyone? amazing track.

  6. Yeah, I think the “yawn” claim is unwarranted. The lyrics are at the fore here in a way that they weren’t at all on the first record. But I would concede that if you didn’t like the first record, it’s likely you might not care for this one. Which I would say is a sad, sad thing.

  7. “If I had an orchard I’d work til’ I’m sore” is a quite an overly sweet middle class thing to sing about, it makes me feel a bit weird… I still love the song though. And I’m not up my own arse enough to start writing comments like Chase Niesner’s.

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  9. yeah, Chase Niesner fondles baby weewee’s.

  10. My download gets stuck at 58% for the third time.
    Same for O.V. Wright doing Dylan, but at 69%.

    Had a hard time leaving Sub Pop site, won’t go there again.

    Thanks anyway, for all the stuff that works (admittedly, 99.5% or something).

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