Chubby Checker :: Holland Sessions, 1971

Cut in Holland in ’71, and touted as Chubby Checker’s ‘psychedelic’ record, I grabbed this on a lark over at the Twilight Zone expecting (if nothing else) an interesting look at Checker’s later work. What I found ended up on repeat for days. Dump your preconceptions—forget “The Twist” and listen to the session’s first track, “Goodbye Victoria,” for a taste of what I’m talking about it. A slow soul burner, the track sits perfect right along side your Lee Moses records. Details on these sessions are scarce, but below is an excerpt from the aforementioned twilight zone post:

“These sessions were helmed by record company scam-artist Ed Chalpin (the same guy behind the bootleg Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight releases) who first released them in Europe in 1971 and in a cutout-version in America.”

MP3: Chubby Checker :: Goodbye Victoria

10 thoughts on “Chubby Checker :: Holland Sessions, 1971

  1. I’ve got this album under the title “Chequered.” Pretty good actually, though supposedly he refused to even talk about it in the ensuing years.

  2. had no idea this existed until i heard “goodbye victoria” on the community radio station here sometime last week. now i find an mp3 on ad, perfect!

  3. Heard this on XM radio when you played it a few months back! Yes I was surprised it was Chubby Checker. I told people about it. Thanks for playing it again.

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