Steel Funk :: A Compilation

Serendipity, it happens. I stumbled upon this “unofficial” compilation a couple of weeks back while doing a search on the Trinidad Steel Drummers having come across their cover of the Meters “Cissy Strut.” Seek this one out; you may know a few titles, but I guarantee there are some bangers on here that will be fresh to all but the most ardent 45 diggers.

MP3: Trinidad Steel Drummers :: Cissy Strut
MP3: The Dutch Rhythm And Steel Band :: Funky Stuff

6 thoughts on “Steel Funk :: A Compilation

  1. Funny. My stepson (now in college first year) played from 4th grade in a school Steel drum band here inj Naples, NY. I gave the director (also an old drummer friend of mine from a band 20 years ago) a mixtape with a bunch of song suggestions. Wouldn’t you know that Cissy Strut was mu #1 choice? The drum beat is so funky and the riffs are simple enough to teach kids how to play. Sadly, he didn’t take up my suggestion…BUT I did teach four local boys guitar and bass and two of them ended up forming a band. First time I hear them what do they open with? How cool is that to see a band of 15 year olds playing Cissy Strut. It is indeed a primer of funk. Thanks for the post; glad to have that cover in my collection and it will go on the NEXT mixtape to my drummer friend with a note that says “See?” attached.

  2. Wicked comp. There is a volume two as well, has covers of Sunshine of your love, Spanish hustle (there’s a wicked re-edit of that out on 12″too, done by Kon, of Kon and Amir), Mas que nada, and the tune that gave the comps their name, Steel funk, by John Gibbs and the US steel orchestra. You need it too!

  3. I’ve been searching for this on and off since you posted. I can’t seem to find a copy or downloads anywhere, and with the warm weather approaching it’s getting more “urgent.” Any suggestions?

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