Josh T. Pearson :: Last Of The Country Gentlemen

It has been a decade since the release of Lift To Experience’s The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads. Fast forward to 2011. At seven songs in sixty minutes, the long awaited solo debut of Lift’s Josh T. Pearson is a welcome dark and desolate take on contemporary folk music entitled Last Of The Country Gentlemen. A song-cycle penned by a native Texan who has long hung his hat in Europe, Gentleman is a raw, aching, listen that gets under your skin in the same kind of way Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s I See A Darkness did in 1999. A heavy, yet ultimately, rewarding ride for those willing to pay the toll.

The album sees its stateside release this week via Mute Records.

MP3: Josh T. Pearson :: Thou Are Loosed

11 thoughts on “Josh T. Pearson :: Last Of The Country Gentlemen

  1. Guy is supreme. Played our sxsw backyard bbq and was just amazing. Storytelling, songs, and presence were all unforgettable. He even gave our his phone number to everyone.

  2. Thought his song was pretty good, so I checked out his website, and I have never seen such a self-absorbed, egomaniacal wankfest.

  3. @reno

    it’s pretty much a miracle this record was actually recorded (let alone released), i can’t imagine josh had any hand in what’s on his website. dude seems to steer well clear of “the machine.”

    let this masterpiece for itself.

  4. Holy crap this guy is great!!! Finally something out there that really hits me rather than just music that is “easy to like.” Damn! Thank you, Aquarium Drunkard.


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