It’s been awhile. Following a prolonged absence from the studio, singer-songwriter Richard Buckner returns August 2nd with Our Blood, his first LP since 2006’s Meadow. First taste off the album, “Traitor,” below. Welcome back.

MP3: Richard Buckner :: Traitor

5 Responses to “Richard Buckner :: Traitor”

  1. great news. great song.

  2. Good news! Last article I read of his, he was quitting music and going to get his teaching credential. Hopefully he can do both.

  3. I really like this cut “Traitor”

  4. He’s such a G. The musicality and lyrics are almost seamless. He seems to maintain the integrity year after year (must be something to do with the working all those crappy jobs).

  5. This will be great. Richard Buckner is one artist i can go back to again and again and always marvel and revel in his music. I mean i don’t get tired of the half-dozen or so CDs i have– and i can’t choose a favorite. But still, i look forward to the new highs of new music. Then all we need is a west coast tour…

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