The Rolling Stones :: We Love You (Dandelion A-side)

Around this time last year I took on my first full assignment as music supervisor for filmmaker Robbie Pickering’s Natural Selection. The film nabbed both the Grand Jury and Audience awards at SXSW Film in March. It also won best music. More on that later, as right now I want to share a song I’ve long had grouped in a folder of tunes I’d like to see placed in the context of a film; the Rolling Stones “We Love You.”

The A-side to the “Dandelion” single, the track was recorded during the sessions for Their Satanic Majesties Request. Featuring backing vocals by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, “We Love You” is a piano-percussive bit of psychedelic pop cut in a style the band would soon abandon with the recording and stylistic shift of Beggars Banquet. A lesser known track in the Stones canon, “We Love You” remains a favorite from their incredibly brief “psychedelic” period.

MP3: The Rolling Stones :: We Love You (Dandelion B-side)

6 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones :: We Love You (Dandelion A-side)

  1. We Love You was actually the A side but Dandelion performed better in the US charts

  2. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy did 3 great cover versions of this song on SHOCK CD 4001T in 1990 as J.B.C.

    Maybe “The Great Awakening” is the best of the three tracks…

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