Happy 70th birthday, Bob. Here are a few links to recent AD Dylan posts…

The Los Angeles Gospel Choir: The Gospel According To Dylan

How Many Roads :: Black America Sings Bob Dylan (Compilation)

The Chocolate Watchband :: It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

9 Responses to “Bob Dylan :: Born Robert Allen Zimmerman; May 24, 1941”

  1. Here’s a Dylan cover for this lovely day.


  2. Rolling Thunder Revue,Best Every

  3. My buddy Spooner Oldham toured with Bob on the “Slow Train Coming” tour and played keyboards on the “Saved” LP. Spooner also appeared with Dylan on his only appearance on Saturday Night Live”

  4. Why does “his” passport say the eleventh?

  5. Interesting that the passport (in the photo) says “May 11, 1941” as the date of birth (assuming that’s the line for the D.O.B.).

  6. Though still relevant to me, I often get a sense that the current generation of music listeners, even those who consider themselves hipsters, chillwavers, folkwavers, etc., fail to appreciate how wonderful, revolutionary and relevant his music is. Am I the only one who hears “4th Time Around” in the melody and phrasing of “Lorelai” on the new Fleet Foxes? Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan!

  7. And by no means should my above comment be taken as a knock on Fleet Foxes. I think they are great. I just wish that there could be more diversity in the music that we hear on the radio so people can understand the depth to the music they are listening to. Which is one of the reasons I enjoy the AD show. I’ve said too much…

  8. Dave – Listening to them back to back, I do see the link between “Lorelai” and “4th Time Around.” As a younger listener, I do sometimes get a sense of disconnect between older stuff like Dylan and the newer “indie” stuff. I think FFs are great because they have a very real sense of what’s come before (Dylan, Joni, S&G, etc.); I get the same sense from artists as diverse as Will Oldham, Deerhunter and the Black Keys—although their influences are certainly different. Unfortunately, it does seem like some of the other stuff getting coverage these days seems to exist in a vacuum void of something like musical heritage. I think some of this has to do with artists reaching for sounds outside of rock tradition, like electronic and so-called “world” music; other times, it’s just plain irreverent.

  9. Great photo, but it’s a fake, isn’t it? A German fake, to be more precise? German cigarettes, German condensed milk for the coffee and a wrong birth date…. But still, his Bobness, as always, rules!

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