Halloween’s approaching, kids. As such I’ve been trolling through all things spooky for the accompanying all hallows eve radio show. This of course includes the oeuvre of the living comic book character that is Glenn Danzig. And I say that with all due respect as the Misfits and Samhain were nothing if not reverent kitsch-horror fiends.

And speaking of scary admissions, I’ve probably watched the ’80s excess-fest that is the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero a dozen or so times since its original release. Say what you will of the film, (it’s a terrible book adaptation) but the accompanying soundtrack is near perfect in capturing the vapid coke-fueled decadence and plasticity of 1980s Los Angeles. Amongst the set’s eleven tracks are two standouts — the Roy Orbison sung, Glenn Danzig penned, “Life Fades Away” and Danzig’s own Jim Morrison-cum-Elvis torch song “You And Me (Less Than Zero).

If you count yourself an Orbison fan and haven’t heard this, please do. It’s one of his greats, latter-era or otherwise.

Roy Orbison :: Life Fades Away
Glenn Danzig and the Power And Fury Orchestra :: You And Me (Less Than Zero)

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  2. love this

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