A couple of years back a friend hipped me to the existence of a (then) recent documentary concerning the revered ’60s L.A. session players known as The Wrecking Crew. Having already read most everything I could find dealing with crew’s core representation of players I made a note to seek it out. It was not long afterwards I realized that catching a screening would prove quite elusive as the critically lauded documentary has remained in limbo the past three years — which brings us to 2011. Last month I managed to wrangle a screener of The Wrecking Crew via one of the film’s producers (more on that coming up). In short, it was worth the wait and among other things reminded me what a deft player, and true workhorse, drummer Hal Blaine was. Here’s a Nancy Sinatra favorite, skins courtesy of Blaine, along with the Wrecking Crew documentary’s trailer.

MP3: Nancy Sinatra :: Drummer Man (w. Hall Blaine)


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  3. Really want to see this film hopefully they will be able to release it soon in someway. Even better if it gets a DVD release. I have also read there is a book about The Wrecking Crew planned for early 2012.

  4. Check this one out – http://www.wreckingcrew.tv/upcoming.html – Palm Springs, California

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