Saturday night (4/14) Aquarium Drunkard Presents Damien Jurado w/ Peter Wolf Crier at the Bootleg Theater in L.A. We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to AD readers (you can also purchase tickets here). To enter for a pair, leave a comment below with your favorite Jurado record and when/how you first encountered it. Winners will be notified via email prior to the show, tickets held at will-call.

MP3: Damien Jurado :: Nothing Is The News

7 Responses to “AD Presents :: Damien Jurado @ The Bootleg, April 14”

  1. I Break Chairs is my favorite Jurado record. Came across this album in grad school during a low point in my life (both personal and professional). The song “Inevitable” served as my anthem for perseverance. Love this record.

  2. So going to this!

  3. 10 years via a mixtape in a friend’s car.

  4. Through the last LP via Richard Swift, as I’m a big Swift fan.

  5. Saint Bartlett through Richard Swift’s label!

  6. It was “Just in time for Something,” the 5-track EP he cut on a 1967 tube-powered reel-to-reel on salvaged tape that sounded like he rescued it from a Salvation Army dumpster.

    “Strong like an ox chained to a fence. I will not bend. Lucky I guess.”

    Phenomenal EP and well worth digging up if you like your lo-fi with a side of no-fi and a steaming hot cup of noise floor. It still cant hide the beauty, though I love how he tried.

    Already got my tickets. See you all there…

  7. Just in time for something!! That EP is amazing and made me seek out everything else he’s recorded

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