Going Deep With Damien Jurado

On May 1st, Damien Jurado releases his 15th studio album, What’s New, Tomboy? Ahead of its release, he joins AD in the Dutch city of Nijmegen to share a new song and discuss how songs find him as opposed to the other way around, how he personally connects the Circle Jerks, Little Richard, and Space Ace, and the record he’d most like to see reissued.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Damien Jurado

Jurado’s latest, In The Shape of a Storm, finds him once again pulling elements out of the nostalgia slipstream. Though less science fiction and supernaturally informed than the records he made with the late, great Richard Swift, it’s no less evocative. Its songs often play out like half-remembered episodes of a forgotten sitcom, transmitted through the static and picked up by ever sensitive antennae.

For his first-ever Lagniappe Session, Damien selected a number of classic theme songs. What he uncovers in them he explains here, in his own words.

Damien Jurado: In The Shape of a Storm

On April 12, Mama Bird Recording Co. releases Damien Jurado’s 14th album, In the Shape of a Storm. Ahead of its official release, Aquarium Drunkard is pleased to share a full stream of the album, accompanied by AD’s own Jason P. Woodbury’s essay about the new album.