AD Presents: Damien Jurado @ The Bootleg – May 18


If you have yet to check out Damien Jurado’s new LP,  Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son, you need to remedy that. And while you’re at it, download Other People’s Songs – his covers collaboration with frequent running buddy and producer, Richard Swift. Jurado is presently touring behind Brothers And Sisters, touching down in Los Angeles Sunday night, May 18, at the Bootleg Theatre. We’re giving away tickets to AD readers. To land a pair, leave a comment with your name and how you first encountered Jurado and his music.

Winners notified via email by Friday. Tickets available for purchase, here.

Damien Jurado :: Silver Timothy

9 thoughts on “AD Presents: Damien Jurado @ The Bootleg – May 18

  1. I first heard damien jurado when he opened a show at casbah in san diego years ago. I think he possibly opened for midlake or dr. dog. anyways loved him ever since and this new album is spectacular.

  2. Don’t really have a great story about first encountering Jurado. Read a couple of positive reviews about ‘Caught In The Trees’ and have been a fan since. Love his evolution over the last few albums. And they’ve made me open my ears to the awesomeness of Swift’s catalog, too.

    -Al Vega

  3. I first heard Damian Jurado a few years ago when my friends’ put him on a playlist. A few weeks later, we saw him at the Bootleg and talked to him after the show. He and I ended up playing that Draw with Friends iPhone app back and forth for a while.

    I then moved to Chicago and saw him play the Metro, and we talked about playing the iPhone app.

    Now I live in LA again and I’m hoping to get tickets!


  4. First realized on was listening to him on his feature on Moby’s latest album, then realized that I had read about/listened to him on this site’s post about Other People’s Songs

    – Kevin

  5. Read about him for years, picked up Maraqopa, loved it, bought the previous release and then of course the new one when it came out. Love him and Richard Swift’s production. My whole family has gotten into him – my wife and kids like it when we’re on a road trip. Trippy!

    Brad K

  6. My friend gave me a copy of “And Now that I’m in Your Shadow” my freshman year in college and I must have listened straight through that album 50 or so times that year, many of them in car rides from Chicago to the suburbs to visit my parents (who were probably wondering why I looked like I was crying when I arrived). Now I’m in LA and have followed Jurado’s stuff pretty militantly. Brothers and Sisters is probably my second favorite after “And Now…” Hope to get tickets. Thanks.

    – Matt

  7. So as you are all well aware people can do some crazy shit following the “Spirit’s” leading. Fresh out of college, newly married, newly Christian, with a baby on the way I felt led to sell all my music and listen to “Christian” only music. This decision in hindsight was absolutely batshit crazy but it did turn up a few blessings I would not have encountered had I not made that decision. After desperately trying to find something that would fill the void left by quality music deficiency, I discovered an old childhood friend ran a small indie label out of Orange County and most of his artists were Christian. He also played bass in a band that to this day I feel is highly underrated Starflyer 59. It was through discovering velvet blue music and Starflyer 59 that I discovered artists I could enjoy both artistically and that met my self-imposed spiritual detention. To finish the long winded explanation on how I encountered Mr. Jurado’s music it was through this discovery that there were Christians out there that made really good music and Damien is in the top three. The first song I heard from him was Ohio and it still ranks as one of top ten favorite songs of all time. I have bought every album he has come out with since Ghost of David an I’ve seen him numerous times and had discussions about our own kids and what type of music they like. A quick side note my ill-advised Christian only lasted a year, the first album I bought when coming out of it opened with “I am an American Aquarium drinker” which basically healed a lot things broken inside of me instantly after the first verse. I discovered this blog doing research for an analysis of YHF.

  8. I just heard one of his songs on the college radio station here, a few years back and called them up to ask what it was. The sadness in his voice killed me.

  9. That show was flat out AMAZING. He was in truly rare form. And more personable (and chatty) than I’ve ever seen him be on stage. So freaking rad. Great crowd too. With so much talk on stage about how wary he is to play LA, I really felt like the audience pulled it together and made the show kind of magical. That one is going to stick with me : )

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