As one of the quintessential NYC punk bands, it’s a bit hard to picture Television on the Sunset Strip. One can imagine Tom Verlaine squinting vampire-like in the sunlight, scowling at the bronze-skinned Angelenos, dreaming of a dark bar on the Bowery. The ’77 tour following the release of their Marquee Moon masterpiece took Television well outside its comfort zone — most famously, the band spent a few weeks supporting Peter Gabriel in the midwest. But perhaps they felt more comfortable at the venerable Whisky A Go Go; Television had signed to Elektra Records at least in part because the label was the longtime home of Sunset Strip legends Love and the Doors. And anyway, judging from this tape of the band, they were welcomed warmly. “So fucking good!” exclaims one enthusiastic audience member after a blazing “Venus.” Verlaine, Lloyd, Ficca and Smith are in fine form, as tight as they’d ever be, tearing through most of their debut, as well tunes from 1978’s Adventure. Verlaine in particular sounds like he has something to prove, wrangling unbelievably high-strung solos out of his Jaguar on “Friction,” “Foxhole” and of course, the epic set closing rendition of Marquee Moon’s title track. Listen closely and you just might hear the sound of lightning striking itself. words/ t wilcox

Download/tracklisting after the jump…

Download: Television :: Live @ The Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles 1977 (zipped folder)

1. See No Evil  2. Venus 3. Elevation 4. Careful 5. Friction 6. Knockin On Heavens Door 7. Marquee Moon 8. Psychotic Reaction 9. Fire Engine 10. Prove It 11. Foxhole 12. Adventure

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11 Responses to “Television :: Live @ The Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles 1977”

  1. I have this, essential bootleg right here. #77punk

  2. Yep. This’ll do.

  3. Zip file is missing 2nd version of Elevation (which appears to be #12, not #10, from the file names).

  4. @sh – left out the second version of ‘Elevation’ — only included the songs from the ‘late show’ that weren’t played at the ‘early show’. cheers.

  5. jacques sez merci

  6. tight!

  7. Wow, this looks really good! Thanks so much for this share!
    Man, Televison opening for Peter Gabriel in the 70’s, what a bill.
    Can’t wait to hear this one…

  8. Can’t recommend this one highly enough.

  9. thanks this post

  10. radical! thanks AD

  11. I was in NYC in the mid to late seventies and saw t.v. often at cbgb’s. thanks!

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