Rowland+S+Howard+PNGLee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra’s “Some Velvet Morning”. The coupling of a psychedelic country-rock pioneer and a struggling pop princess of the ’60s. A risky, experimental and dubious piece of work that did, in fact, reach number 26 on the Billboard pop charts in 1968. It has since been covered just short of 20 times from 1968-2010, including this No Wave version, performed by Rowland S. Howard and Lydia Lunch. Released by 4AD in 1982, the duo’s experimental and off-kilter take opened up new avenues of interpretation, adding a bit of humor to an 80’s post rock canvas, coming across more post-modern art project than pop song. On display: keyboardist Genevieve McGuckin’s signature experimental piano aesthetics, Lydia’s, well, Lydia-like vocals, Mick Harvey and, of course, one Rowland S. Howard.

MP3: Roland S. Howard And Lydia Lunch :: Some Velvet Morning

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