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I’m not a fantasy sports guy, but I do have a short-list of country versions I would have loved to have heard cut of certain material, including the 1964 Dave Berry original, “The Crying Game”. I’ll share one, here, the late George Jones, and encourage you to leave your own in the comments. Per the original, that’s Jimmy Page as session player on guitar, along with Big Jim Sullivan. Alright, one more: the mustachioed baritone cowboy, Lee Hazlewood.

Dave Berry :: The Crying Game

8 Responses to “Dave Berry :: The Crying Game”


  2. Buck Owens…

  3. Ray Price could do this

  4. totally Townes Van Sant
    & is the B-side the same Don’t Give Me No Lip Child that the Sex Pistols covered that time?

  5. The Everly Brothers…

  6. you might be aware of this but a pretty dreamy country cut of this exists..


  7. The b-side is the winner here!


  8. Dave is the genuine mod! always been, cool!

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