In the hands of David T. Walker, “Lay Lady Lay,” a cornerstone of Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, slides into a jazzy, languid, space residing somewhere just shy of early 70s porn groove and after-midnight lounge. I use neither descriptor as pejorative. Found on the Tulsa-born session guitarists 1970 solo joint, Plum Happy, the track, while devoid of the original’s intent, works on the same level as contemporary George Benson’s Other Side of Abbey Road. Vinyl rip, below.

David T. Walker :: Lay Lady Lay

5 Responses to “David T. Walker :: Lay Lady Lay / Plum Happy (1970)”

  1. Now I know where the people under the stairs grabbed the bed for “Acid Raindrops” — I always thought that song was reminiscent of Lay Lady Lay….

  2. Also was sampled in the 90s by Pete Rock on the INI album:

  3. Whatever happened to those lace-up shirts? I want that one.

  4. Recently heard this tracks on Duane’s show on WFMU:

    He has a great tendency of unearthing equally cool cover versions, so if you dig this track, peep his show.

    Anyway, great choice, thanks for posting!

  5. i’ll see this super nice tune and raise you DTW w/ the great Purdie doing Tighten Up

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