Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper :: Cantos De Lisboa


As highlighted here recently, the recent crop of Mike Cooper reissues from Paradise of Bachelors are utterly essential. Fearlessly eclectic, masterful stuff. And judging from Cantos De Lisboa, Cooper’s brand-new collaborative LP with Steve Gunn, the man has lost none of his sense of adventure. Both musicians are steeped in the folk/blues idiom (most obvious on a righteous rendition of Charley Patton’s “Pony Blues”), but they use it as a launchpad not a dead-end street. Dig the gorgeous opening acoustic drift of “Saudade do Santos-o-Vehlo,” with Cooper and Gunn’s guitars twisting and tangling for seven-and-a-half transfixing minutes. Or get lost in “Lampedusa USA”‘s noisy landscape, as Cooper testifies over a bed of droning feedback. Cooper’s 70s LPs cover a lot of musical ground, but Cantos shows he’s still got plenty of roads to travel down. words / t wilcox

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2 thoughts on “Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper :: Cantos De Lisboa

  1. Goddamn that’s beautiful. We saw Steve Gunn open for K. Vile a few months ago, he blew my mind. This reminds me of that “Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid” soundtrack, until it goes off. Thanks!

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