Gunn Truscinski Nace :: Glass Band

Steve Gunn and John Truscinski have been making improvised music together for a decade and a half and five albums, exploring the fiery conjunctions between experimental drone and rock and roll. Their Soundkeeper, from 2020, was a revelation in the way it channeled explosive rock energy into free-ranging instrumental inquiry. Now, the duo adds a third in Bill Nace, the Body/Head collaborator they first worked alongside on a Kim Gordon-fronted project to accompany Andy Warhol’s film Kiss. The expansion makes a fundamental difference, anchoring this often incendiary guitar and percussion experiment in an endless serene now.

Steve Gunn and David Moore :: Reflections Vol. 1: Let the Moon Be a Planet

We last caught Steve Gunn and Bing & Ruth’s David Moore together on Gunn’s Nakama EP, the 2021 disc where the guitarist reimagined five cuts from that same year’s Other You with various collaborators. In an alternate version of “Reflection” Gunn and the minimalist composer expanded and extended conventional song structure but didn’t abandon it entirely. This new joint effort is far more open-ended, letting splayed guitar chords and clear, uncomplicated piano notes glance off one another in a gentle ebb and flow.

Steve Gunn :: Other You

Since it was recorded in California, it’s tempting to call Other You Steve Gunn’s most sun-kissed effort yet. And to be sure, the record features some of the singer-songwriter’s sweetest melodies, his warmest vocals, and most inviting arrangements.

Catching Up With Steve Gunn

This Thursday, April 1st — Aquarium Drunkard presents an intimate livestream performance with Steve Gunn. The Brooklyn-based artist has been recording new material in Los Angeles and made time to stop by the East Hollywood venue, Gold Diggers, for a set of recorded music. Gunn’s first fully produced livestream event finds him dusting off a few of his catalog standbys, along with debuting new material.

In anticipation of the set, Gunn joined us for a few quick questions about stepping back onto a stage, how he’s been staying creatively occupied, and his forthcoming album.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Steve Gunn – April 1st @ Gold Diggers

No April fool’s, here. Via Gold Diggers in East Hollywood, Calif. USA, AD presents Steve Gunn in concert.

On Thursday, April 1st, Steve Gunn will premiere his first fully produced streamed concert. Presented by Aquarium Drunkard, this solo set will see Gunn debut new material alongside fan favorites. The set will stream via Noonchorus and kick off at 8 PM local time.

Gunn-Truscinski Duo :: For Eddie Hazel

John Truscinski and Steve Gunn’s wistfully fried “For Eddie Hazel” closes the duo’s new album Soundkeeper, buzzing with amp noise as gorgeous riffs and steady cymbals fade into a shimmering reflection. As the guitarist explains, it was their attempt to pay tribute to one of history’s most ground-shaking soloists. “Because we’ve listened and talked about him so much, we figured it was time to dedicate something in his honor.”

Transmissions :: A Conversation With Steve Gunn

We’re joined by Steve Gunn for this episode of the Transmissions podcast—completing our round of talks with the participants of the Gunn/Lattimore/Tyler canceled tour. But there’s much more to hear here than another pandemic rap. Topics of conversation include the new Livin’ In Between EP, which pairs Gunn’s last Lagniappe Session with a brand-new cover of Neil Young’s “Motion Pictures,” Steve’s hardcore youth, immersion in the experimental Philadelphia scene, and his longstanding creative partnership with drummer John Trucinski.

Ryley Walker :: A Roundup

It’s been a busy decade for singer-songwriter Ryley Walker – is he the hardest working man in indie rock? Maybe. This year has been typically action-packed, even if he hasn’t released a new solo album. Read on for a roundup of recent Ryley action.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Steve Gunn

Gunn’s first Lagniappe session found him taking on the melancholic art-pop of the Smiths. For his second, he decamped to Gold Diggers recording studio in East Hollywood to record a cover of his frequent collaborator Michael Chapman’s “Among the Trees” (Gunn produced Chapman’s forthcoming True North) and the Misfit’s “Astro Zombies,” which swaps out the B-movie punk fury of the original for bleak folk. […]