The Lagniappe Sessions :: Steve Gunn

Gunn’s first Lagniappe session found him taking on the melancholic art-pop of the Smiths. For his second, he decamped to Gold Diggers recording studio in East Hollywood to record a cover of his frequent collaborator Michael Chapman’s “Among the Trees” (Gunn produced Chapman’s forthcoming True North) and the Misfit’s “Astro Zombies,” which swaps out the B-movie punk fury of the original for bleak folk. […]

Steve Gunn :: New Moon

“Off-key dreams that you’re living in/Smiling skulls, ghosts are grinning/Power lines, spark their singing/Drone song blues, makes me want to go.” Steve Gunn’s back, and he’s got spirts on his mind. On January 18th, […]

Steve Gunn :: Time Off

As one of Kurt Vile’s deputized Violators, Steve Gunn has already had an eventful 2013, appearing on various late night TV shows and playing to the assembled hordes at major music festivals. But his crowning […]

Wooden Wand Interviews Steve Gunn

Among certain critics and cultural trainspotters, there exists a colloquialism — ‘gamechanger’ — to denote a brazen, unexpected creative leap by an already respected and established artist. The risk of potentially alienating a listenership that […]