Journeyman :: Steve Gunn On Michael Chapman

The first time I heard Michael Chapman’s music, it felt like a new yet familiar friend. I’ve learned so much from him–his work ethic, his sense of camaraderie during our times together on the road or in the studio, and as a guest at Wytree Farm, Michael and Andru’s lovely, welcoming home. I’ve been with Michael on a broken-down bus in the Bronx, on high-speed trains in Switzerland, on a bumpy flight over Spain. I’ve been a passenger in his Jaguar, speeding down the A1. Bleary morning meet-ups, clutching guitars and what else we had. Weary cups of coffee in American diners. Shuffling to the next gig. Late nights, always magic. Open bottles, open-ended conversations, old and new memories, and music–the music. I’ve absorbed it all. It’s been an honor to know him, or even just to be in the room when he was playing. I know so many of his stories and songs by heart now. I cherish them. I will miss him dearly. | Steve Gunn, September 10, 2021

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