High Llamas :: Here Come The Rattling Trees

high-llamas-rattlingSean O’Hagan and his merry band of High Llamas aren’t quite as prolific as they once were back in the 1990s, but their latest effort, the all-too-brief “musical narrative,”  Here Come The Rattling Trees, is a great reminder of the group’s myriad charms. From the very first note, the listener is transported to a sonic space that really no other band can conjure up, filled with elegant arrangements, buoyant and bubbling keyboards, wistful melodies and crisp Tropicalia rhythms. Beautiful stuff, as usual.

By nature, the Llamas make a subtle, modest sound, but it’s one that deepens and expands on repeat listens. Here Come The Rattling Trees is the High Llamas first full-length in five years; let’s hope it’s just the beginning of a resurgence from O’Hagan and co. words / t wilcox

High Llamas :: Here Come The Rattling Trees

3 thoughts on “High Llamas :: Here Come The Rattling Trees

  1. Most Llamas productions feature string arrangements, but this one actually doesn’t. Lovely piece of work from them and cool to see it covered here!

  2. My favorite album is still “Hawaii” from back in 1996, but I dig all of their stuff. They are about as unique as it gets.

    Sean Wichers

  3. I’ve been listening to The High Lamas albums for 20 years and Here comes the rattling trees is as good as any of their previous releases.

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