WNEW FM – New York (1982) :: How To Kill A Radio Station

A slice of 1982. A vignette courtesy of the late WNEW FM – New York, NY.

NEW YORK (AP) — For 32 years, it was the place where rock lived. WNEW-FM once ruled as the nation’s premier rock station, boasting an influence that extended far beyond its Manhattan-based signal. (WNEW) was rock ‘n’ roll: John Lennon stopped by to spin records, the Grateful Dead played cards in the studio, and new music from the Rolling Stones to the Ramones to the Replacements was championed.

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4 thoughts on “WNEW FM – New York (1982) :: How To Kill A Radio Station

  1. Wow. Hearing that makes me realize what a lost art good radio has become. It’s such a wasteland now. WNEW (102.7) and WXRK (92.3) in no small part influenced all my musical tastes. I was lucky to have been able to hear them in their swan song of the late 80’s and early 90’s. WNEW FM NEWWWWW YORK!

  2. While I loved WNEW during my teens in the seventies, looking back I’m appalled at what they DIDN”T play. Perhaps I’m being unfair (or have a really bad memory), but they didn’t play the Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, Iggy Pop, The New York Dolls, etc. I had to find out about those bands by reading about them much later. A pretty sad way to experience music that’s best enjoyed with others and when it’s released. Perhaps they were pandering to a musically conservative strain of rock fandom (and I plead guilty here. I was an ignorant teen.) but they didn’t do what a good radio station is supposed to do: give you a chance to hear new things. I realize they had to pay the bills, so I can’t get too judgemental about it. And if they failed the fans, perhaps the fans also failed the music. Can someone check me here? Maybe you had a different experience.

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