Can :: The Peel Sessions (1973-1975)


Consider the following a public service announcement: Can’s collected session work with John Peel, recorded on four different occasions, between 1973-1975. The six tracks were released in 1995 via the Strange Fruit label, only to go out of print shortly thereafter. Having said that, the collection is available for download via krautrock mania, here. Get it. Much respect to More Dark Than Shark for the tip.

Recorded for John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 programme, the sessions took place in February 1973 (track 1), January 1974 (track 4), October 1974 (tracks 2 & 3), and May 1975 (tracks 5 & 6). The songs are mostly unreleased improvisations. “Geheim” is released as “Half Past One” on Landed and “Mighty Girl” as “November” on Out of Reach. (via)

1. Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne
2. Return To BB City
3. Tape Kebab
4. Tony Wanna Go
5. Geheim (Half Past One)
6. Mighty Girl

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  1. First I head of this band was in Inherent Vice, the song Vitamin C blasts through like woohh. So i am excited to get this one.

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