CAN :: Live in Stuttgart 1975

Over the course of Live in Stuttgart 1975‘s 91 unbelievable minutes, Can emerges as the ultimate jam band—forget whatever negative connotations you may have with the term. Here, jamming isn’t about technical flash or aimless noodling; rather, it’s about the quest for collective ecstasy, for both the musicians and the audience.

Damo Suzuki :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

The mythic Damo Suzuki is out on the road, traveling the highways of the United States, to team with up with “sound carriers,” local musicians assembled from each town he visits. Freelance scribe and One Eleven Heavy bassist Daniel A. Brown—known for his work with Royal Trux, ‘68 Comeback, the Screws, and South Filthy—recently caught up with Suzuki via Skype to discuss his artistic approach and history.