Glenn Jones :: Fleeting

408_900There’s an abundance of great Takoma School fingerpickers on the scene these days, but I’d be hard pressed to name one more masterful than Glenn Jones. First coming to renown as a member of the unclassifiable Cul de Sac, in recent years, Jones has established himself as one of the most quietly powerful acoustic musicians we’ve got. His latest for Thrill Jockey, Fleeting, is a stunner from start to finish, offering 10 compositions for guitar and banjo that cast a lasting, luminous spell over the listener.

Patient, meditative and graceful are the words that come to mind when describing Jones’ playing — which might make you think his work borders on the somnambulant. But it’s far from that. Subtlety is a strong suit, sure, but there’s a current of restlessness and curiosity running through every note here. Beautifully recorded by Laura Baird (often with the sounds of crickets and birds wafting through the soundscape), Fleeting is an instant classic. words / t wilcox

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