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On its latest LP, Welcome to Worms, Los Angeles band Bleached pulls off everything you want great rock songs to do. Led by sisters Jennifer and Jessica Calvin, the album's funny and loud, as well as reflective and self-aware. It's fun, effervescent, and catchy, but it rewards repeated spins, inviting the listener deeper into singer Jennifer's often dark head space, which she explores without pretension. "Trying to lose myself again," she sings on the song of the same name, allowing her direct lines to just sit with the listener the same way the sugar-rush fuzz guitar does.

"Trying to understand myself was the biggest thing," Jennifer says of the writing process. "I would have one day where I thought I was amazing, and then the next, I would hate myself. But I just knew what I had was my writing and being honest with myself, so I just went there every time I'd write...We're really scared to face the darkness in life, but when we just accept that's part of the package, the good and and the bad, then I think it's easier to be happier."

The contrast between the gleeful strut of these songs and intimate lyrical reflections is underscored by -- as bone-headed as the observation might read -- the power of the album's riffs, meaty, Joan Jett-plays-Cheap Trick slabs of heavy guitar.

"We definitely wanted to up our game from the last record," Jennifer says. To that aim, they worked with established producer Joe Chiccarelli, pushing the band to make the sonic feel of the record "scary and hard."

That heaviness "made this record possible," Jessica says.

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