Psychic Temple :: Plays Music For Airports


It’s a great  idea  to cover Brian Eno’s deathless “Music For Airports 1/1” in the style of Miles Davis’ electric jazz masterpiece  In A Silent Way. But does the Long Beach, CA-based collective Psychic Temple actually deliver on this promise? Oh, yes. Led by guitarist Chris Schlarb (and featuring living legend Mike Watt on bass),  the group breathes new life into Eno’s becalmed masterpiece, opening it up and unlocking its mysteries, while still remaining faithful to the source. Swirling electric keyboards, shimmering guitar, Miles-ian trumpet and a bubbling, flexible rhythm section all combine for 16-and-a-half minutes of pure sonic bliss. Eno would probably love it. Hell, Miles might’ve loved it too. And the flip, an extended workout slyly called “Music For Bus Stops” is just as solid, a strutting original that suggests Psychic Temple may have nothing but great ideas. words / t wilcox

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