Psychic Temple :: Plays Planet Caravan

Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” is one of those songs that feels like you can move in like an apartment, rearrange the furniture, and make it your own. Expanding upon his 2016 Eno project, Plays Music For Airports, guitarist Chris Schlarb assembled an improvising ensemble to reconstruct a canonized song and write an original piece for its b-side.

Transmissions :: Psychic Temple

This week, we’re joined by returning guest Chris Schlarb of Psychic Temple and Big Ego, his studio in Long Beach. His latest is called Houses of the Holy, a four-sided double-album, featuring a different band on each side: Cherry Glazerr with garage pop, the Chicago Underground Trio with their jazz inflection, psych warriors the Dream Syndicate, and rapper and producer Xololanxinxo. Schlarb took some time out of his holiday season to speak with us about the creative ethos driving his work.

Psychic Temple :: Houses of the Holy

On the sprawling Houses of the Holy, Chris Schlarb assembles a four-pronged augmented Psychic Temple, recruiting rockers Cherry Glazerr, legendary jazz combo the Chicago Underground Trio, the psychedelic Dream Synidcate and rapper Xololanxinxo for a journey of moods and styles.

Psychic Temple :: Plays Music For Airports

It’s a great  idea  to cover Brian Eno’s deathless “Music For Airports 1/1” in the style of Miles Davis’ electric jazz masterpiece  In A Silent Way. But does the Long Beach, CA-based collective […]