Long one of our favorite producers, it’s always extra special when Daniel Lanois steps from behind the board with his own music. His new lp, Goodbye To Language, is no exception. Of his new video for “Satie”, Lanois states “this version (of the song) was done for the camera. The result has a suspended feel to it. Rocco and I played to a Roland 808 that is not in the mix.”

6 Responses to “Daniel Lanois :: Satie”

  1. Does Lanois still live in New Orleans and run Kingsway Studios?

  2. gorgeous!!

  3. JJ, no and no.

  4. Would love to hear the 808 version.

  5. […] Lanois premiered a video for the song “Satie,” featuring Rocco DeLuca, via Aquarium Drunkard. In a statement to Aquarium Drunkard, Lanois explained, “this version (of the song) was […]

  6. Cazare

    Aquarium Drunkard » Daniel Lanois :: Satie

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