Mythic Sunship :: Land Between Rivers

Mythic Sunship’s second lp, Land Between Rivers, was quietly released earlier this year via Danish label El Paraiso Records. Like its predecessor, the three track soundscape finds the the instrumental Copenhagen quartet stretching skyward with tracks eclipsing the fifteen minute mark. The overall stratosphere the group continues to mine rides the line between heavy, fuzzed out, guitar psychedelia and exploratory kosmische musik. At times a cacophony of thunderous pandemonium, it’s fitting their name is lifted from an amalgamation of Sun Ra’s “Of Mythic Worlds” and Coltrane’s “Sun Ship”. Enter the ether, below…

4 thoughts on “Mythic Sunship :: Land Between Rivers

  1. Amazing stuff. Thanks for turning me onto it. Reminds me a lot of Lanterna’s first album (which is in my top 10 of all time).

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