Khruangbin :: Beyond Con Todo El Mundo

The well from which Khruangbin drink is deep. And wide. While geographically based in Texas, sonically, the trio's aesthetic is global. An atmospheric masala of funk and soul, strained through a lucent scrim of psych, the group draw from a bold and eclectic set of influences of which they synthesize a sound wholly their own.

This installment of Diversions catches up with the group on the heels of their new lp, Con Todo El Mundo, out now via the Dead Oceans label. Here, Khruangbin pull back the curtain, guiding us through a sampling of records that have played a role in their development, consciously or otherwise. As expected, it's a heady brew. Dip in, below.

Scientist - Scientist Wins The World Cup: The core tracks of this album were recorded by the Roots Radics, a first call session band in Jamaica when this was recorded. Laura Lee learned how to play bass by playing along to this record, since its melodic bass lines are so easily heard and sound so good. But aside from the music, it's the sonic treatment by Scientist that really makes this record shine. It's so expansive and spacious. Nothing gets in the way of anything else, even while there's such a deadly groove keeping the songs firmly grounded. Instead of full vocal lines and verses, the singer’s voice comes through in fragments--putting less focus on the vocals and making them become atmospheric. It’s a sonic approach that Khruangbin utilizes often. Given that there’s only three of us, we try to use space as its own instrument.

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