Rosali :: I Wanna Know

“I Wanna Know,” the lead-off track from Philadelphia singer-songwriter Rosali’s fantastic new Trouble Anyway LP, floats along for five minutes on just two hypnotic chords. You might be reminded a bit of Stevie Nicks’ moody Tusk-era dreamscapes — though Paul Sukeena’s searing solos are more Robert Fripp than Lindsey Buckingham. But the song’s straightforward sonic drive (powered by Nathan Bowles on drums and Dan Provenzano on bass) is complicated by the turbulent mixed emotions beneath the surface, with lyrics that shift from tough to vulnerable, from restless to soothing. It’s a vibe that’s matched perfectly in the simple, evocative video for “I Wanna Know,” which captures Rosali wandering through lonely Philly landscapes, a nervous energy coursing through every frame.

Trouble Anyway (a co-release from Scissor Tail Records and the newly formed Spinster Sounds) doesn’t disappoint after its powerful opener. Bolstered by an all-star cast of Philadelphia-adjacent musicians (including Mary Lattimore the War On Drugs’ Charlie Hall and Purling Hiss’ Mike Polizze), the LP’s nine tracks soar and shimmer, whether on slow-burn ballads like “Dead and Gone” or churning rockers like “Rise To Fall.” Wherever Rosali goes, you’re going to want to follow. words / t wilcox

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