Edsel Axle :: Variable Happiness

Early on Rosali Middleman’s Variable Happiness comes a moment that absorbs your entire life. A downward cascade of notes that draw you in and refuse to let go until they only exist as a fragmented toll in the ears. This new LP comes under the alias Edsel Axle (hereafter which Middleman is referred in the spirit of the proceedings) and features no one other than the artist on electric guitar and a combo amp.

Rosali :: The AD Interview

“Doesn’t belong to me like it used to,” proclaims Rosali Middleman on “Mouth,” the opening track to her new album, No Medium. With members of the David Nance Group soaring behind her, Rosali sheds many a demon on this new work. Her arc on the record is a steep one, confronting addiction, heartbreak, and loss with raw intensity.

We caught up with Rosali at her sister’s place in Michigan to talk about the new record and more.

Rosali :: I Wanna Know

“I Wanna Know,” the lead-off track from Philadelphia singer-songwriter Rosali’s fantastic new Trouble Anyway LP, floats along for five minutes on just two hypnotic chords. You might be reminded a […]