Various Artists :: Freedom of the Press


New label Kith & Kin comes storming out of the gate with a downright dazzling compilation of fresh cosmic American sounds, featuring stellar work from many of the scene’s leading lights and upcoming talents. It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re a reader of this website, you’re going to find a lot to like here.

Freedom of the Press  is not only an expertly put-together and flow-tastic hour of music (with art by AD’s own Darryl Norsen to boot), it’s also for a good cause, which you can guess from the comp’s title. All proceeds are going straight to the  Freedom of the Press Foundation, an organization that  protects and defends adversarial journalism – a resource that, sadly, is more important than ever in the 21st century. The highlights are too many to name, but I’m especially loving Wooden Wand’s swirly, Lennon-esque “Hall of Mirrors,” the Weather Station’s vigorous live version of “Thirty” and 75 Dollar Bill’s crunchy “WZN #1 (Olives In The Ears).” Maybe best of all is the track that kicks the whole thing off in fine fashion – Trummors’ hazed “Peacock Angel,” which cruises through the desert on a wave of gorgeous harmonies and burnt pedal steel. words / t wilcox

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