Kevin Morby: Live At Gold Diggers

In 2013 Kevin Morby released his first work as a solo artist, Harlem River. As a debut, the record laid the foundation of an aesthetic framework he’s continued to mine and augment over three consecutive albums. Morby’s songwriting routes itself in traditional structures, yet pulls from a wide palette — ranging from the linear to the abstract. It was the latter that was on display last month in Los Angeles.

Commemorating the release of Peaking Lights’ dub version of “Harlem River,” Morby took the stage at Gold Diggers in East Hollywood. Backed by Justin Sullivan (drums) and Cyrus Gengras (bass), a rotating cast of players joined the band, performing an hour long circular and swirling improvisational take on the title track. On deck: Hand Habits, William Tyler, King Tuff, Fruit Bats, Springtime Carnivore, Rodrigo Amarante, Peaking Lights, Sasami, Buck Meek and more. Video captured on location by Brett Meznarich. Donations from the performance went to California wildfire relief.