Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Calypso From The Cavern – A Carrouseaux Mixtape

Slide into this twenty track survey of the wild Afro-Caribbean vibe that originated in Trinidad and Tobago, prior to leaping to Panama, mutating and taking root in 1950s NYC. Or: a sonic carrouseaux of boozey partying peppered with humorous political commentary, along with a number of overlooked gems from the genre. Be kind and rewind. words / p schouten

Download: Calypso From The Cavern (zipped folder)

Robert Loyson – Jean Fouille, Pie Fouille
Félix Valvert et son Orchestre – Sol Tropical
Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra – Tabu (Live Take)
Johnny Gomez Orchestra – Caribbean Hurricane
Fitz Vaughan Bryan & His Orchestra – Me Ting Is Mine
John ‘Buddy’ Williams Orchestra – Hooray Hoorah
Dolor Meliot – Bourique la
Robert Mavounsy Quartet – Henri Te Vvle Maye
Count Lasher – Calypso Cha Cha Cha
Count Owen – Chi Chi Bud
George Brown – She likes it, He Likes It
Louise Lamb – Give Me A Perfect Love
Tex Williams Orchestra – La Tuka
Martinique Duce Dot Evans
Johnny Gomez Orchestra – Johnny’s Nightmare
Byron Lee – Riverbank Jump Up
Mona Baptiste – Tabu
Lord Power – Penny Reel
Gary U.S. Bonds – O (The Banana Boat Song)
Andre Tanker – Back Home

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