Connan Mockasin: Auckland, New Zealand, April 2015 / Sundae Session

Kicking off our 2010 Mondo Boys Halloween mix, Connan Mockasin’s “Forever Dolphin Love” was our introduction to the New Zealander. That was nearly a decade ago, and in that time the Kiwi artist (née Connan Tant Hosford) has called California, England, and, at present, Japan home. One thing that hasn’t changed? Hosford’s singular fealty to a sound that can only be described as his own. There have been numerous imitators since, yet Mockasin’s homegrown surrealist psychedelia, and exploration thereof, has remained at once constant and in flux — as evidenced by last year’s Jassbusters, a record we’re only now digging into…

Which reminded us of this: a session cut four years ago, live on a rooftop in Auckland, as part of the recurring NZ Sundae Sessions.

1. Why Are You Crying? 2. It´s Your Body 1 3. Do I Make You Feel Shy? 4. I´m The Man Who Will Find You 5. Forever Dolphin Love 6. I Wannas Roll With You 7. It´s Choade, My Mear 8. Megumy The Milky Way Above 9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles)

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