Transmissions :: Jeff Parker on Suite for Max Brown

New year, new decade. Welcome to the future, it’s 2020 and you’re tuned into Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s monthly podcast, featuring, as always, sounds and ideas that inspire us, the team behind Aquarium Drunkard. Your hosts are founder and editor Justin Gage, and editor Jason P. Woodbury. Our guest this episode, is guitarist and composer Jeff Parker.

Transmissions :: Jeff Parker on Suite for Max Brown

Parker is best known for his work with Tortoise, the Chicago Underground Quartet, and Isotope 217, and he’s worked with a wide cast of notable players, including Brian Blade, Bill Callahan, George Lewis, Makaya McCraven, Joshua Abrams, Rob Mazurek, Joey DeFrancesco, and many, many more. In 2016, he released The New Breed, a tribute to his late father, and now, a record for his mother: Suite for Max Brown. Like The New Breed, the new LP blends deep, Dilla-inspired grooves, clipped R&B samples, and Parker’s beautiful guitar—often languid, occasionally frenzied, but always soulful. 

The record is yet another winner from Chicago’s International Anthem, which has established itself as one of the key labels in underground jazz, and it’s released in collaboration with the legendary Nonesuch imprint.

Episode playlist: William Tyler-Four Corners + Jeff Parker-Go Away + Jeff Parker-Fusion Swirl + Jeremy Cunningham, featuring Jeff Parker-1985 + 「ゴドメス星人」より侵略者のテーマ

Art by D. Norsen.

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