Jeff Parker :: Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy

Jeff Parker has had quite a year, but he may have saved the best for last. Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy, released by Eremite Records last month, offers up four sidelong pieces recorded live in Los Angeles over the past few years. Here, we get to eavesdrop on Parker, bassist Anna Buttterss, drummer Jay Bellerose and saxophonist Josh Johnson in full freedom flight. It’s an uncommonly intimate live recording — the players seem to be extremely at ease in this small club setting.

Transmissions :: Jeff Parker on Suite for Max Brown

As an integral member of Tortoise and an in-demand session player, guitarist Jeff Parker has become one of the most prominent names in the modern jazz vanguard. His new album Suite for Max Brown blends tasteful classicism with electronic and beat-indebted flourishes. Parker joins us to explore the album’s varied palette and spiritual core.