Broadcast :: Sixty Forty (Nico cover)

Will there be another time
Will there be another time
Another year, another wish to say

Found on Nico’s overlooked 1981 LP Drama Of Exile (and also on its re-recorded 1983 version, The Drama Of Exile), “Sixty Forty” is a smoldering vision split somewhere between the musician’s formative days with the Velvets and her early iconoclastic solo years.

Broadcast’s “Sixty Forty,” taken from their final Peel Session recorded in July 2003, finds the group exploring the perfect middle ground between the (then about to be released) cracked pagan kaleidoscope of Haha Sound and their next move, the searing minimalist cut-up Tender Buttons.

Broadcast :: Sixty Forty (Nico cover)

Trish slides effortlessly into Nico’s untethered rhythms, while the barely restrained band brings along swelling electronics, skittering percussion, and loping guitar. The sky cracks open at the halfway mark, the band soaring as Trish floats alongside, channeling lyrics that could have easily been taken from one of her automatic writing exercises. A match made in daydreamed Wonderland. / k evans

It is for granted hear their saying
We are all enchanted staying
Focusing on running down the drain
And those tears are carved inside your brain

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