Steely Dan :: Radio, Sessions & Live

Drive west on Sunset to the sea . . .

Those familiar with the psychic topography of Los Angeles are keenly aware of the undercurrent Donald Fagen’s vocal inflects as “Babylon Sisters” slides into its languid second gear. At once sprawling yet claustrophobic, LA can indeed feel like a jungle teeming on the brink…. and never more so than over these past five months. If you live in the city, reaching the Pacific Coast Highway is beyond just a destination–it’s more like a balm.

“Babylon Sisters” aside, this one goes out to all the Steely Dan freaks, misfits and weirdos out there. My friend and fellow Dan advocate, Thom Law, put this comp together twenty years ago when we were both knee-deep in our excitement over the release of Fagen and Becker’s first studio LP in decades, Two Against Nature.

Steely Dan :: Radio, Sessions & Live (zipped folder)

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