Transmissions :: Joe Pera & Skyway Man

Incoming transmission from…Joe Pera and James Wallace, who’s better known as Skyway Man. The two worked together on season two of Joe’s TV show, Joe Pera Talks With You on Adult Swim. Describing “what happens” on the show doesn’t really do it justice. Nothing too out of the ordinary occurs—characters go on hikes, they stay up late watching videos on the internet, they deal with the passing of loved ones. But it’s how the show unfolds—gently, unhurriedly—that makes it such remarkable viewing. It’s a very funny show that takes its time, offering up space and comfort to the viewer while also skewering its characters lovingly. On The World Only Ends When You Die, Skyway Man also puts his characters through the wringer. It’s a psych-folk opera of spaced out country and sci-fi gospel and blues, laced with mythology and nods to George Van Tassel, legendary ufologist. It’s due out this week on Mama Bird Recording Co., and while it certainly grapples with some heavy existential issues, it’s also a lot of fun to listen to. They joined us to discuss their work together, the paranormal, and mortality. If you enjoy our show, please spread the word.

Transmissions :: Joe Pera and Skyway Man

Episode Playlist: Skyway Man, “Driving to Milwaukee” ++ “Dinner With the Neighbor’s Kids” (from Greetings from Marquette: Music From Joe Pera Talks With You Season 2) “The Rise of the Integratron” ++ “Don’t Feel Bad About Being Alive” (from The World Only Ends When You Die)

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