Skyway Man :: The Holding On

On November 3rd, James Wallace, aka Skyway Man, returns with Flight of the Long Distance Healer. Best known for his work on Joe Pera Talks With You and his kaleidoscopic psychedelic pop records, Skyway Man is more than just a character for Wallace to inhabit: “Skyway Man is a vehicle for me to sing more easily about life and love. It’s a superimposed image, always flickering in and out of existence, different each time. Today, he shares the metaphysical sci-fi video for “The Holding On.”

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Skyway Man

Last year, Skyway Man aka James Wallace doubled down on his cosmic leanings and released Seen Comin’ from A Mighty Eye. Recorded primarily with the Spacebomb house band, the album presented “exquisite psychedelic pop,” and was one of our favorites for 2017. Now his Skyness is back for a Lagniappe with local Nashville desperadoes, Teddy and the Rough Riders, in tow. This cover set’s more Sahm than Wilson.