Transmissions :: North Americans

Our guest this week is Patrick McDermott of North Americans. His latest is called Roped In and its blissed out guitar-scapes find him teaming up with cosmic pedal steel master Barry Walker Jr., William Tyler, and Mary Lattimore. He reached us from his place in Los Angeles to discuss pleasant zones, video games, and some particularly good lunches. 

A quick note: this is the final episode of this season. Thanks for rolling with this show through this weird year. We’re going to take a break but don’t you sweat it, we’ll be back early in 2021 with more strange conversations for our strange times. If you need more Transmissions over the break, check out the archives. Stay safe, talk soon.

Transmissions :: North Americans

Episode Playlist: North Americans, “Yearling” ++ All Energy Music Continue Upward, “Nicer” (via Good Glass Records) ++ North Americans, “Memory of Lunch”

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