North Americans :: Long Cool World

Long Cool World by ambient country duo North Americans—guitarist Patrick McDermott and pedal steel wizard Barry Walker Jr—unfolds slowly, stretching time nearly to the point of dissolve, ushering in melodies like spring crocuses after a thaw. The peals and textures of Walker’s steel entwine with McDermott’s own gentle picking with a synergy that reveals each player to be of the same diamond mind.

Transmissions :: North Americans

Our guest this week is Patrick McDermott of North Americans. His latest is called Roped In and its blissed out guitar-scapes. This is the final episode of this season. We’re going to take a break but don’t you sweat it, we’ll be back early in 2021 with more strange conversations for our strange times.

Cosmic Pedal Steel Situations :: Winter 2020

Pioneers like Daniel Lanois and Chas Smith paved the way in the 1980s, but the past several years have seen a very welcome pedal steel ambient scene emerging from the underground. Here are just a handful that have caught our ears from artists like Susan Alcorn, Barry Walker Jr., North Americans, Heather Leigh, and more.