Pino Palladino & Blake Mills :: Just Wrong

Given their respective stylistic breadth, bassist Pino Palladino and guitarist/producer Blake Mills could take things just about anywhere on Notes With Attachments, their forthcoming duo lp, out March 12 on Impulse! and New Deal. But like his work with everyone from Nine Inch Nails to The Who, the first taste of the album doesn’t prioritize virtuosity, but rather surprising melodies, deft band interplay, and supremely considered flourishes. With Palladino’s semi-acoustic bass at the fore, Chris Dave provides drums that lay back (until they don’t), Rob Moose contributes sweeping strings. Mills layers guitars and Philly soul electric sitar (recalling D’Angelo’s “Another Life”, which like many D’Angelo classics features Pino on bass). And then there’s all those curious saxophones, played by Sam Gendel and Larry Goldings, sounding like Pet Sounds had it been released by ECM. It’s the sort of song that tempts you to restart it before it even finishes. | j woodbury

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