Blake Mills :: There Is No Now

Produced and co-composed with experimental-indie-jazz legend Chris Weisman, Blake Mills’ new record feels like a slow-moving explosion — a heated fog. Mills, who by now has already won a Grammy and played with Joni Mitchell for a while, inverts the very folk he aims for here, unwinding and disintegrating it into lush, counterintuitive arrangements.

Pino Palladino & Blake Mills :: Transmissions

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills are two of the most dynamic studio wizards in music and they join us this week on Transmissions to discuss Notes With Attachments, their Impulse! Records-released collaborative long-player. Known for their individual collaborations with artists like Bob Dylan, D’Angelo, The Who, Fiona Apple, and Brittany Howard, these two go completely unexpected places as they unite for a set of jazzy instruments that blur the lines between J. Dilla flips, Cuban shuffles, and West African lock grooves.